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As we navigate how we can take care of our planet, rather than harm it, we look to plan beyond the ceremony. The idea of sustainability translates as a commitment not only to reduce our impaction the planet, but also the social and economic well being of people. Julita encourages conversation to make mindful and conscious choices when choosing your gown. 


Fashion is one of the worlds most labour intensive industries and its supply chain is made of millions of people exploited in overseas factory practises. People that deserve a living wage, safe working conditions and respect. It is not enough to describe a garment as ‘quality’ if the lives it has touched are treated as disposable. We stand with the fashion revolution and with change. We are not a machine - we are human, and we create from the heart.


All of our gowns are artfully designed and ethically handmade to order in London, one dress at a time. Jo is supported by a small local team who have artisan practices at heart. We believe in compassionate, nurturing and fair working relationships. The team are supported to grow and evolve both in their work and from a human point of view. We support women and more specifically working mothers offering flexible working in order to prioritise their children and family life. The environment we have created is inclusive, without forms of discrimination. 


We carefully source fabrics from suppliers and mills who support ethical practises. Sustainable certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved fabrics, ‘peace silks’ (humane silk production where silk worms are not harmed) and recycled fabrics made from plastic bottles turned into yarn now feature in the collection. The choice of materials offered is a fundamental step for growth of Julita. As we learn more, we are dedicated to improving and taking care of our beautiful planet and people.

The option of a sustainable non-plastic alternative sequin fabric is not yet available, however we are closely following the The Sustainable Sequin Company who is a market leader using a proportion of recycled polyester in individual sequins. A biodegradable sequin option is the future and our next step would be to transition to a natural renewable material that sequins can be made from, which is biodegradable or compostable. 


With all our gowns, Julita echoes the holistic artisan sentiment of investing in well-made heirloom pieces which are handed down to future generations with humanity and sustainability at the heart. Together we explore the possibilities of how studio offcuts can be artistically reimagined, reworked back into our gowns or donated to local artists.  We encourage brides to rewear their gowns and offer a free redesign service where creations can be restyled to be worn again. Taking individual action can help compel the entities that have power for change.

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