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in collaboration with jewellery by Tilly Thomas Lux

The Talisma chapter, revisits the design of our most iconic gowns from previous collections, that move the eye and heart. As mass market bridal fashion continues to impact people and the planet we are even more dedicated to creating all our gowns within our small London studio, ethically handmade. Julita resonates deeply with those who seek a gown that aligns with their values, embodying the spirit of change and empowerment. A reflection of Jo’s soul work to create bridal that radiates beauty both inside and out.

The Talisma chapter offers opportunity for gowns to be reworn and cherished beyond the ceremony. Each gown handmade to order, becomes a canvas for the interweaving of deeply personal and symbolic love stories through embellishment. In the vast cosmic tapestry, talismans have emerged as enigmatic storytellers, seamlessly bridging the realms of earthly craftsmanship and the ethereal. From cuffs embroidered with love knots, to handcrafted botanical motif appliqués made with family heirloom lace. Symbols, messages, dates, lyrics, initials sewn onto soft tulle veils, to meaningful pearls and beads intricately crafted into belts ...we will work with you to create your personal bespoke embellishment to transform your gown into your unique art piece.


Furthermore, beyond the ceremony, your gown can evolve in style and colour with natural dye, to be reworn in harmony with our commitment to a more sustainable planet, whilst your talismanic embellishment remains a treasured piece. Whether your bespoke cuffs, belt or veil is handed down as a family heirloom or bestowed as an amulet, each carries the weight of love, which has silently absorbing vows, tears, and laughter, becoming vessels of cherished moments. It serves as a witness to shared joys, forever safeguarding the intimate narrative of love's odyssey.

The Talisma collection also brings an aligned collaboration with jewellery designer Sally, from Tilly Thomas Lux., with an exclusively limited edition collection of back necklaces, and other handmade accessories which work in harmony with the gowns. 

For more information and to book an appointment to view the capsule collection, which includes the Gilded Lily, Lana and Seraphim gowns, please contact the studio.

GILDED LILY 2 FayeWildePhotography137420.JPG
Lana 1 FayeWildePhotography137507.JPG
SERA 7 FayeWildePhotography1137788.JPG
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