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Bespoke Gowns

The bespoke journey begins at the atelier where Jo will guide you to your intuitive creation. Your gown will be designed through an intimate personal and collaborative bridal experience by finding out more about you, looking at inspiration images and discovering the unique fabric library to discover what feels aligned and inspires you. You will be involved at every step from hand sketch to final fitting. What is called to be created unveils in the search for soul.

Once your design is confirmed your detailed measurements will be taken and your unique bespoke pattern is made. A toile may be created in a mock fabric and here we discuss any adjustments needed to fit or silhouette. Through a series of atelier fittings your gown is perfected in preparation for the hand crafted embellishment. Appliqué placement is unique to each custom piece and bride-to-be. Embracing individuality, gowns transcend beyond garments to embody the essence and reflect the starlit souls who wear them.


Working with your budget (with some flexibility to allow for the nature of the bespoke process) we will explore the possibilities together. The price of your unique gown is aligned with the complexity of the design, fabrics selected and the amount of hand embellishment desired.


Due to our growing collection of custom gowns, Jo can only accept a limited amount of bespoke commissions a year.

If you would like more guidance we invite you to create a Pinterest board to share, or alternatively email inspiration images with initial thoughts to jo@julitalondon.  

For more information please see FAQ's.

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