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Avalon is a collection of gowns that thread the subtle alchemy of rhythmic ocean musings and the feminine goddess within. Harmoniously drawn together with intricacy and texture, Avalon invites wonder and a soulful stillness into presence, that anchors in love and art. 


A customisable made-to-order collection embodies new beginnings. Designed with a slow poetic pace, fabrics embrace a gentle hymn to movement and organic detail. A modern, yet serene aesthetic, defined by instinctive ethereal sensuality featuring lucid silks, gold brushed pleated tulles, diaphanous organza, sandwashed crepes and decadent encrusted laces. Relics of romance are handcrafted with whispering feathered accents, hand painted botanicals and sculptural beaded lace talisman adornments. 


For the romantic bride who honours British handmade gowns as sacred ceremonial art.

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julita bride_finals-187.jpg
julita bride_finals-143.jpg
julita bride_finals-159.jpg
julita bride_finals-79.jpg
julita bride_finals-224.jpg
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julita bride_finals-209.jpg
julita bride_finals-173.jpg

Every gown is handmade within our London studio, made to order uniquely allowing opportunity for personal adaptions and customisation. The collection includes interchangeable elements that transform gowns beyond the ceremony. Please contact the studio to discuss your design and for more information.

For gowns made to your custom measurements, there is also the option of in house studio fittings with our team.


We welcome bridal clients globally to connect for personalised gowns without the need for travel. Please note, when ordering you will be asked for your measurements, and together we will decide the closest set size. Please be aware you may require alterations.


Bridal collections are available in a selection of luxurious fabrics. Environmentally conscious fabric options include recycled tulle and an FSC certified viscose – as a vegan alternative to silk and satin. Organic peace silk is also offered, which is organically produced, eco-friendly and cruelty free. The silk butterfly lives beyond the cocoon. This silk is grown without the use of harmful chemicals and uses significantly less water in its production.  

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