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Julita is a British independent wedding dress atelier offering intuitive creations and an intimate bridal experience. Dedicated to creating ethically made gowns, with premium sustainable fabric options. All gowns are designed and meticulously hand crafted to order, one dress at a time in London England, by a small team of female artisans. Julita resonates deeply with those who seek a gown that aligns with their values, embodying the spirit of change and empowerment.

Julita is represented by the British Fashion Council, championing sustainable and responsible British fashion on a world stage, advocating for creativity and innovation.


Collections sit harmoniously, drawn together with texture, intricacy and an evocative use of fabric. Diaphanous movement and signature delicate embellishment thread together to embody modern ethereal femininity, that highlight the innate grace of the wearer. 


Gowns transcend beyond garments to embody the essence and reflect the unique starlit souls who wear them. A form of self-expression, which cannot be told in words. Julita’s ethos embraces individuality, where gowns come to life as a canvas for personal embellishment, allowing each bride to inscribe her unique love story. 

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