The bespoke process is a creative journey. I will help you to identify your dream dress that you will fall in love with. The process is personalised where I will guide you - and equally a process where you can openly express your thoughts. Your dress will be completely unique, created for you and reflect your personality and style. There will be a personal design collaboration where our minds will meet to develop a unique vision.

Bespoke dresses start from £3000. The price is determined by the complexity of the design, the fabrics and trims selected and how much hand embellishment is required. Please have a clear idea of your budget and this will be factored into the design process. 


This consultation is followed up with a sketch that will be sent to you with an approximate cost. Once the design has been finalised a non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required to secure the service. 


After taking detailed measurements, a calico toile or similar mock fabric, will be made. Any adjustments will be made and the design may evolve throughout the numerous toile fittings required to create the final block pattern, and to ensure the gown fits perfectly. 

The dress will then be cut in the final fabric and any further small alterations will be made to the fit if necessary.

Once the dress is finished to a high standard, all the embellishment and detailing will be added. The complexity of the embellishment will determine how many embellishment fittings will be required.

The process is a journey - a fun and exciting one. The beauty of the bespoke process is the collaboration between us, as bride and designer - to ensure you are completely happy with every aspect of the dress at every step, and also to allow the design details to evolve in order to produce the most beautiful dress you could ever have imagined, as unique as you.