Photography by Mark Pacuraphoto

Bespoke veil by Julita LDN Bride

Luxury Bespoke Bridal Design

For brides inspired by romance,

moonlight + magic

Julita LDN Bride is a bespoke handmade wedding dresses, veils and accessories studio for ethereal spirited souls, designed by Jo Kuniewicz-Murray.  

Every order is handmade to the client's most-detailed measurements.  Soft unstructured simple silhouettes complete with super long trains and statement sexy open backs that are in equal parts enchanting, timeless, modern and daring.  Details that feel unexpected, feminine and undeniably wearable, yet with an irreverence and effortlessness.  Intricate handwork, delicate hand-cut appliqués and ethereal weightless volume with a couture feel.  ​A little less traditional, a little more modern.  

Don’t believe in bridal styling rules.  For free-spirited brides with a dreamy sense of adventure.

"Having worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years, I've been lucky enough to work with lots of bridal designers

but Jo is truly something else.  Her vision is incredible, she understands exactly what you want and works

tirelessly to achieve it...chose her to design your wedding dress and you'll be blown away!"


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